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17 Reasons Why Armadillos Should Be Blowing Your Freakin' Mind Right Now

I'm sorry are you under the impression that Armadillos AREN'T the best animals of all time? Step aside, buddy. You've got some learnin' to do.

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3. Oh, and armadillos can delay their pregnancy. That's right... they can mate and then decide that they're too stressed out to get pregnant, and voila, not pregnant yet! They can put the whole thing on hold for up to two years. / Via!prettyPhoto

And then, when they feel like it, they get to give birth to THIS RAVISHING DELIGHT. Are you jealous? You should be.

5. And their low body temperature paired with a weak immune system makes them perfect candidates for medical research. A portion of the population even has leprosy and is generous enough to share it with humans!

6. Also, they're super talented. The screaming hairy armadillo has a song only the gods could imitate.

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And that BELLY HAIR. What could be better? Don't you just want to brush that fuzz til it shines?


9. Oh, also, when armadillos aren't being the ideal cuddle partners, they're super impressive athletes. Just look at this guy swim!


Armadillos can hold their breath up to SIX MINUTES. That's long enough to go underwater and escape two terrible songs...or to travel where you need to go. Move over, Michael Phelps. There's a new swimmer in town.

10. They're also really good at climbing, and have been known to scale fences.


Moral of the story: Never try to block out armadillos from your life. They'll find a way in, and you'll be forced to love them anyway.


14. The nine-banded armadillo has the very distinct (and entirely appropriate) honor of being the state small mammal of Texas!


The nine-banded is the only type of armadillo that has a growing population; all other species (there are 20 total!) are nearing extinction due to human-related environmental factors.


16. Also, the nine-banded armadillo is SO awesome (and reliant on warm weather) that the population is SPREADING NORTHWARD.


Y'know, due to global warming. And also due to the fact that their awesomeness needs to reach all corners of the world. COME TO ME, ARMADILLOS!

Now that you know, it's time. Time for you to go forth into this world and spread the word about armadillos. Teach the world about their cuteness, their talents, their melodic singing!