Manny And Frank Are The Cutest Frenchie Brothers Of Instagram

They nap hard, play hard, and wear awesome outfits. What more could you want?

1. This is Frank and his brother Manny.

2. They’re pretty great.

3. Frank’s a looker.

4. He has a stare that’ll break your heart.

5. *DEAD*

6. And Manny’s a serious DJ.

7. Even when napping in the sink, he’s working on some hot beats.

8. He’s also really into sports.

9. When these two brothers are out and about, there’s no telling what trouble they’ll get into.

10. Sometimes they end up in weird places.

11. And sometimes they’re caught looking up compromising material on the internet.

12. But most of the time you can find them napping.

13. Napping in outfits…

14. Napping on futons…

15. Napping in the bathroom…

16. Even napping while cheering on their dad as he gets work done.

17. See, they’re not afraid to have a little fun.

18. And they take some risks with their fashion choices.

19. It’s pretty obvious they’re almost always having more fun than you.

20. (And/or having better naps than you.)

21. So it’s just time to recognize that these brothers are the cutest Frenchie brothers of Instagram.

22. And then please be quiet. They’re trying to nap here!

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