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Justin The Kitten Is The Cutest Little Badass You'll Ever Meet

This 5-week-old burn victim has made a speedy recovery and is ready to capture your heart.

This is Justin. He's tough, he's cute, and his story is going to break your heart.

Baby Justin was found at five weeks old in Philadelphia after being the victim of heinous abuse. He had been set on fire.

He was brought to the Pennsylvania SPCA, and with the help of the Animal Alliance of New Jersey, vets and volunteers have worked tirelessly to help Justin get better.

Via Facebook: animalalliancenj

According to the Pennsylvania SPCA's site, Justin was found by a good samaritan. They were still searching for the person who did this to him, and were offering a reward for another who came forward with information regarding the incident.

Vets used laser treatments on him to help him make a speedy recovery.

Understandably, he was a little reluctant to embrace the fashion statement that is the cone.

But after a few weeks at the veterinary clinic, Justin was doing great. He was eating on his own, playing, and was ready to be discharged to a foster home.


The facility that helped Justin was Crown Veterinary Specialists and Emergency.

Like anyone as cute as him would, Justin made fast friends with his foster family, even snuggling up on the couch.


No cone can stop his charm.

As he healed, his luxurious coat started to grow in.

He soon developed a love of learning, and made sure to get in on the homework action.

He's a ferocious hunter.

I mean really, just look at that concentration!

And even at a young age he's mastered the "if I fits I sits" lifestyle.

He's a big fan of hugs.

And he really likes his foster parents who have helped him grow into his handsome, healthy self.


Check out the New Jersey Alliance's Facebook page here for more information about the organization that his foster parents are involved with.

But mostly he likes being a normal, adorable cat.

Oh, and snuggling. He really likes that.

And so we say thank you, Justin! You're an inspiration to us all.

We wish you and your foster family the best of luck!


On the Alliance's Facebook album dedicated to Justin there is a link to a PayPal account where you can make donations to help pay for his medical expenses. Donations are appreciated.

And if you or someone you know has information regarding Justin's attacker, they should call the Pennsylvania SPCA Anti-Cruelty Hotline at 866-601-SPCA.

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