How Refurb The Cat Raised $1000 For Charity…By Accident

She just proves you don’t need thumbs to make a difference in this world (you just have to be super cute).

1. Meet Refurb. This cat’s made it to the Reddit front page which, as any redditor could tell you, is NOT an easy feat.

2. Refurb’s human posted something about the cat’s internet success on the Something Awful forum.

3. Someone on the forum asked for Refurb’s autograph. Her human said sure, but only if the requester donated $10 to an animal shelter and provided proof.

4. Much to Refurb’s human’s surprise, that person DID donate the money! And then others started donating money too in the hopes of getting a Refurbograph!

5. A thousand dollars has been raised for animal shelters and rescues.

6. Not to mention the fact that people have sent pictures of their autographed postcards to Refurb in appreciation. Who knew one cat’s paw could bring so much joy?

7. Refurb’s human has said that the paw printing has been quite a test of patience (y’know, being a cat and having to cooperate and all), and this cat is ready to retire.

This is Refurb and her dog lounging at home. She’s so humble, associating with plebeian animals!

8. Though she’s not giving out more cards, Refurb and her human want to encourage you to continue donating to your local shelters and rescues!

9. And so we say thank you, Refurb and her human! You’ve done a wonderful deed in the name of a noble cause.

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