Handicapable Kitten Won't Let Her Differences Stop Her From Being THE CUTEST

    She's sassy, tough, and loves to snuggle.

    This is Saltwater Taffy. She's pretty cute.

    She has radial agenesis, a congenital condition that causes tendon contracture and possibly missing radial bones.

    She was found in Philadelphia, and her rescuers noticed right away that she had, as they put it, lobster claws.

    She and her siblings were rescued by ACCT Philly.

    Her siblings also require special care as they have malformed nostrils.

    Here's SWT (that's what the cool kids call her) snuggled up with her foster mom.

    She's a bit of a snuggle-aholic, actually. Her foster parents report that she screams at her brothers if she doesn't get enough cuddles.

    She also has made it abundantly clear that she does NOT like physical therapy. At all.

    Here's SWT in physical therapy. Her foster mom supports her body while she tries to get her to use her front legs to walk.

    Via facebook.com

    Lena, her foster parents' dog, tries to encourage her along. She's not one to budge.

    She's way more interested in snuggling than that PT stuff.

    She may be opinionated, but her sass makes her a fighter, and she's tough enough to fight for a normal life.

    Saltwater Taffy's foster parents and ACCT have set up an online fundraiser for her.

    And so we say good luck to SWT. We're rooting for you!