22 Dogs That Are Trying Too Hard To Be Cool

It happens to the best of us, but it’s always embarrassing.

1. This puppy thought he could out-climb the bigger pup and impress him. Needless to say, he failed.

2. She tried to act all smooth, sitting down gracefully to strike up a conversation with him. But she missed. Oh, how she missed.

3. This dog was told everyone would think he’s cool if he hung out in the toilet. Now he looks like an idiot AND he smells bad.

4. He thought he could pull off a bow tie. Key word: THOUGHT.

5. And whatever this is, she thought she’d look great with it on her head. There’s just no use trying to justify her thought process.

6. He, uh, MEANT to miss the Frisbee. The whole splat-on-the-floor maneuver is just a trick he’s been working on.

7. And he was totally letting the other dog get the ball on purpose. Y’know, just being a team player.

8. This dog figured he’d start reading some James Joyce because it would make him look more sophisticated. Now, though, he’s just confused and depressed about the world around him.

Time to cultivate some strong opinions on jazz…

9. She was told that acting casual would create a sense of superiority about her. She was told wrong.

10. “One more round of beer pong,” they said. “It’ll be fun,” they said. Definitely not the life of the party now.

11. And this guy went from dancing on the tabletops to slumped over like this. Sad, really. Some folks just don’t know their limit.

12. Same goes for this gal here. So embarrassing!

13. This dog wants to tell you all about his favorite show, Dr. Who. He says it makes him dorky, but we all know he wants to appear endearingly quirky and intelligent.

14. When they invited her for taco night, they really didn’t think she’d, uh, go all out with the theme.

15. No. Just… no.

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16. When they talked about skinny-dipping, she agreed to it, not wanting to ruin the fun. But now she’s not so sure she made the right decision.

17. He thought the bowler would spice up his look, help him seem more distinguished.

18. He just really likes weed, OK? And he’ll tell you why it should be legalized, regardless of whether or not you asked.

19. No, he doesn’t need a prescription. He just wears the glasses because likes the way they look, you know?

20. She was just informed that the “duck face” look in every photo is unacceptable. She’s trying not to take it personally.

21. She thought they made her look more sophisticated.

22. But this dog? He knows the secret to being cool is just being comfortable with himself. And he’s a lot happier for it too.

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