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    Deucy The Two-Faced Kitten Will Change Your Life

    What's cuter than a newborn kitten? A newborn kitten with two faces.

    Deucy was born in Amity, Oregon on Tuesday. Or, should we say, she decided to grace planet Earth with her presence on Tuesday.

    She has the rare congenital condition called diprosopus that causes her special appearance. Cats with two faces are called Janus cats, named after the two-faced Roman god.


    Deucy was rejected by her mother, so her owner, Stephanie Durkee, said that they are now syringe feeding her.


    The vets have declared Deucy healthy and happy with no complications other than the fact that she has two faces. Looks like Deucy is going to be around for a while!


    It's pretty tough to deny that Deucy is extraordinarily adorable, but she also arrived in the world under even more special circumstances. She was born at 6:11 am on 06/11 under the Gemini astrological sign. Move over, Janus. There's a new god in town.

    So let us behold the wonder, the beauty, the EXTREME CUTENESS that is Deucy.

    All hail!

    UPDATE: On Thursday, June 13, Deucy passed away. She will be remembered as the cutest little two-faced kitten ever. Our condolences to Deucy's family.

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