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    17 Animals Who Are Having The Worst Birthday Ever

    Happy birthday to who? Not these guys, as long as party hats are so uncomfortable.

    1. This pug has no idea how he's going to blow that candle out.


    It's just so far away, and he's so small...

    2. And this corgi just realized that he's another year closer to facing his own mortality.

    Seven years closer if you're counting in dog years.

    3. This guy just realized his family hates him.

    Why else would they give him such a small cake?

    4. And this gal can't get over the fact that they got her age wrong. She's three this year!


    Why even bother if you can't get the number right?

    5. This dog does not want to make a wish, thank you, so stop telling him to.


    But if he had to wish for something, it would be a cake more appealing than this log of unknown substance.

    6. And this dog is pretty sure he's been given the saddest looking cake ever.

    Did someone sneeze on it and claim it's frosting?

    7. This cat is wondering if it would have been less depressing if they'd just forgotten about her birthday entirely.

    The watery food leakage drowns any chance of a festive celebration.

    8. This cat is almost entirely sure that this is a trap, since something this gross couldn't possibly be a gift.

    If it starts moving, all bets are off.

    9. And this guy has asked for the thousandth time that no one tells the waitstaff at the restaurant it's his birthday.

    Anything to avoid the singing. The embarrassment!

    10. This cat will be burning his party hat as soon as the festivities are over.

    And he's going to feel pretty goddamn good about it.

    11. And this guy just wants to take his cookie and get this whole charade over with.


    No snack is worth the outfit they're making him wear.

    12. This little guy is trying not to act disappointed, but is this really all the "party" is going to be?

    Tiny cake in an empty room? Talk about depressing.

    13. And this dog is trying to put on a brave face despite the fact that none of her friends showed up for the party.

    Not a single one.

    14. This dog is almost certain that the humans' insistence that he and his siblings are triplets is only to save the effort of planning separate birthday parties.

    Oldest trick in the book...

    Something is amiss, and he's not about to forget about it.

    15. This lady is almost certain her family has forgotten her name.

    What else could explain the generic hat?

    16. This guy is too embarrassed about his hat to even begin to face the festivities going on.


    This is no way to celebrate.

    17. And this little lady is determined to get this whole birthday thing over with so she can go back to being the nudist lifestyle she's comfortable with.

    After all, isn't that what a birthday suit is supposed to be?

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