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Animals That Have Found Their Other Half

"At laaast their love has come along."

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The random hook-ups start to feel empty — just the same old thing, one meaningless fling after another.


But, when they least expect it, these animals find that special someone. And love blossoms.

The sky seems a little brighter. Everything looks a little bit more beautiful. Love is in the air.

Sometimes, as Paula Abdul tell us in her songs, opposites do indeed attract.


It's important to find a partner that complements you, balances you out, makes you become someone better than you are.

Sometimes a great dane is, in fact, soul mates with a baby deer. What about it?

The heart wants what the heart wants. Plus, the dog can reach the stuff on all the top shelves if the deer can't get up there.


And sometimes animals fall in love with objects. Set your judgment aside and just celebrate the joy they feel.

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