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    Animals That Have Found Their Other Half

    "At laaast their love has come along."

    Animals yearn for true love just as much as people do. On those lonely nights, they can't help but wonder: Is my soul mate out there?


    And if so, where is he?

    The random hook-ups start to feel empty — just the same old thing, one meaningless fling after another.


    They just want to settle down with someone, start a life together, y'know?

    But, when they least expect it, these animals find that special someone. And love blossoms.

    The sky seems a little brighter. Everything looks a little bit more beautiful. Love is in the air.

    Sometimes, as Paula Abdul tell us in her songs, opposites do indeed attract.


    It's important to find a partner that complements you, balances you out, makes you become someone better than you are.

    Sometimes a great dane is, in fact, soul mates with a baby deer. What about it?

    The heart wants what the heart wants. Plus, the dog can reach the stuff on all the top shelves if the deer can't get up there.

    This puppy and his kid are BFFs for life and it's a beautiful thing.


    He just gets him, you know?

    And these two can't imagine snuggling on the couch with anyone else.

    Partners in crime, partners in cuddles.

    This little guy can't imagine a better companion.


    She looks pretty fond of him too.

    This dog looks after his humans like he's a father figure. That love is unconditional.

    ...Even when they dress him up like Belle.

    Sometimes dogs show their love through synchronized napping.


    Those who snooze together stay together.

    And sometimes they just like to take it easy on the couch. / Via

    Shh, Law & Order reruns are on!

    Sometimes capybaras and cats like to show a little PDA.


    They're proud of the love they've found!

    And sometimes a goat and a sheep like to show how much they care.


    So snuggly!

    These three have been best friends for years.

    There's that level of comfort that only comes from a profound friendship, and they've got it.

    And sometimes animals fall in love with objects. Set your judgment aside and just celebrate the joy they feel.

    This cat and this cardboard box are going to have a long and happy life together.

    This kitten couldn't be prouder of her best friend, the dishwasher.


    That level of support is what a true, loving friend shows.

    And this gal found a snowman that caught her eye. It was love at first sight.

    (No one's broken the news to her about the whole snow-melting thing...)

    This cat adores her stuffed tiger and no one can tell her not to.


    That's her one true love.

    This pony loves her teddy like a brother.

    That's just the way it is.

    And this pug has found love in that sweet, sweet sidewalk. Just leave those two alone for a while. Gotta hug it out.


    Those bricks had her at hello, you know?

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