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    Definitive Proof Animals Are Kind And Considerate Creatures

    Except for the fact that they're, y'know, the exact opposite. But this is what happens when you put GIFs in reverse.

    This dog just wants you to enjoy your pizza, you know?

    And this lizard got really nervous he was encroaching on the moth's personal space.

    This cat's really serious about the fax he's sending.

    And this cat really wants you to think he's cool in his bee suit.

    And this cat really packs a punch.

    This goat knows right where he's going in his wagon even if he's not looking.

    And this kitten really wants your stack of pancakes to be as neatly presented as possible.

    This elephant is giving out free phones to those who are eager enough to be deemed worthy.

    And this dolphin is just really eager to give this little girl a present!

    This dog wants the flower he gives you to be nice and fluffed up upon presentation.

    And if you look closely you'll see that Shamu is actually helping his human get up out of the ditch.

    And this penguin is helping his friend up onto the cliff. Yep.

    This pug is really serious about his bathroom's organization.

    And this goose is courageously saving this man from drowning. And then, after placing him upon his kayak, he hovers to make sure he's okay.

    And this cat? She's saving her dear friend from the confines of a box, of course.


    It's all in your perspective, people.

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