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11 Heroic Dog Stories That'll Make You Say, "I'M NOT CRYING, YOU'RE CRYING"

Such good boys (and girls) — we don't deserve them. For more stunning acts of canine heroism, get tickets to Megan Leavey, in theaters June 9.

1. When Angel, the aptly named golden retriever, fought off a cougar to protect his young owner.

2. When formerly abused Peanut saved a three-year-old girl from freezing to death.

3. When a black Lab named Bear saved a toddler from drowning.

4. When Maya, a pitbull mix, rescued her owner from a violent attacker.

5. When a Rottweiler named Eve rescued her paraplegic owner from a burning vehicle.

6. When Brutis, a heroic golden retriever, saved a child from a deadly coral snake.

7. When Frisky, a schnauzer-poodle mix, gave his owner the strength to persevere during Hurricane Katrina.

8. When Joe, a tiny Yorkshire terrier, fearlessly chased a bear out of his injured owner's house.

9. When Max took bullets for his owner after two robbers refused to take no for an answer.

10. When Killian, a Lab-shepherd mix, alerted his owners to a babysitter's abuse of their baby.

11. When guide dog Roselle helped lead her blind owner to safety on 9/11.

Note: The dogs in these images aren't the actual pups, but they are just as adorable as the real thing. WE PROMISE!

"Best friends" doesn't begin to cover it. For another inspiring story about a life-saving bond between a dog and his human, get tickets to Megan Leavey, in theaters June 9.

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