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Share The Strangest, Wildest, Or Most Inappropriate Job Interview Question You've Ever Heard

How in the heck is my favorite candy relevant???

Before a job interview, it's a great idea to prepare yourself as much as possible. But sometimes interviewers ask questions that literally no one would have ever expected.

So I'm super curious to know the weirdest, wildest, or most inappropriate question you've ever been asked in a job interview. And, if you want, share how you answered too — whether your response was quick and witty, thoughtful and considered, or just plain embarrassing (we've all been there).

Maybe they asked you something like, "If you were an animal, what would you be?" or "Which character from The Office is most like you?"

Or perhaps they asked an off-the-wall question about your personal beliefs, like, "Do you believe in aliens?"

Or maybe they asked you a really personal question that was actually just straight-up illegal, like, "Are you planning to have kids soon?" So you simply declined to answer.

Share your weirdest interview question (and maybe how you handled it, too!) in the comments below and you could be featured in a BuzzFeed Community post.

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