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What's A Toxic Money Behavior You Learned From Your Parents That You're Trying To Unlearn?

From spending habits to attitudes about debt, we learn so much about money from watching our parents.

One of the main ways a lot of us learn about money is by watching our parents. But if your parents modeled some not-so-helpful money habits and behaviors, it can be tricky to unlearn them and create a more peaceful relationship with your cash.

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So if you're actively trying not to repeat your parents' money mistakes, we want to hear from you.

Maybe your parents were overly frugal and always told you they "couldn't afford" things you wanted or needed as a kid — even though they actually had the money. Now, you still feel guilty sometimes spending money on something that's not an absolute necessity, but you're working on allowing yourself to enjoy some personal purchases (as long as they fit into your budget, of course).

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Or perhaps your parents didn't spend much time with you when you were a kid, but they spent lots and lots of cash on you instead. It left you feeling kind of empty and like they were trying to buy your love, so you're careful not to repeat this with your own kids.

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Or maybe your parents told you misinformation about how things like credit scores work, which made it seriously hard to get a lease on your first apartment. But you took the time to read a bunch of financial education books and studied up on your finances so you won't act on bogus advice again.

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Tell us how you're handling money differently than your parents in the comments below or via this anonymous form and you could be featured in a BuzzFeed Community post.