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Everyone's Talking About "Quiet Quitting", But We Want To Hear Your "Quiet Firing" Stories

Everyone's talking about "quiet quitting" these days, but what about "quiet firing"? If you've ever had your schedule cut until you quit or been otherwise manipulated into leaving a job, we want to hear your story.

There's a lot of buzz at the moment about a new workplace trend called "quiet quitting." This trend is a bit of a misnomer, however, because it's not really about quitting at all. Instead, it's about sticking to the work in your job description and setting boundaries, while opting out of things like being available 24/7 and taking on extra unpaid work.

what amuses me most about 'quiet quitting' is it is literally just doing your job. It's not quitting. It's showing up, doing your work, going home. No extras.

Twitter: @nedlazaruswolfe

I've seen a lot of people online saying that instead of "quiet quitting" we should call it "acting your wage," and YES, I love that.

In response to the quiet quitting trend popping up literally everywhere, some people are pointing out that employers have long been guilty of "quiet firing", also known as "managing out." Basically, this means they intentionally make your work-life difficult and unpleasant until you quit.

Not enjoying this “quiet firing” trend where my boss keeps giving me more and more responsibilities but never gives me time off or a raise.

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So if you've ever been quiet fired or managed out of a job, we want to hear your story.

Maybe you worked at a restaurant, and after a minor personal disagreement with a manager, you noticed that instead of five shifts a week you were suddenly down to only one or two. You tried picking up shifts and hustling harder, but they just wouldn't give you enough hours. So you ended up quitting as soon as you found another job.

Or perhaps you worked in an office, and your department got restructured. You were moved out of a role that you were performing pretty well at into a position that you never would have applied for. The expectations for the new job were never made clear, so you were constantly being criticized over things that nobody ever even told you about. After a few months, you couldn't take it any more and quit.

Or maybe you worked at the same job for years and kept giving your all in hopes of finally earning a promotion or a raise. But in spite of all the work you did, you were consistently passed over. One day, you finally realized that this company was never going to give you what you wanted so you found another job and quit.

Tell us about your experience with being quiet fired in the comments or via this anonymous form and your story could be featured in a BuzzFeed Community post.