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What's The Petty Office Drama That's Currently Consuming Your Workplace?

Pretend I'm HR and tell me all about it...

I work from home and it's mostly pretty great, but I do miss office friendships, post-work drinks, and, of course, petty office gossip. Obviously, I stay out of the drama myself, but I love to observe from a safe distance.

So I'm asking you to share your current workplace drama to satisfy my thirst for piping hot tea.

Maybe your coworkers Brenda and Carol haven't been on speaking terms for weeks and nobody really knew why. However, you've just discovered this morning that it all started when Carol got really upset that Brenda didn't sign her birthday card. Instead of saying something, she started picking fights with Brenda until Brenda cut her off. Now your whole department is in chaos because they're supposed to work closely together.

Or perhaps some fiendish individual has been going through the fridge and taking a single yet noticeable bite out of everyone's lunch. Your boss has absolutely had it so they're setting up a hidden camera in the break room, and you can't wait to see how this turns out.

Or maybe you just got a new boss and it just so happens that your work nemesis bullied new boss in high school. New boss is taking the high road, but it's super funny watching your nemesis try to kiss up to them.

Tell me about your current work gossip in the comments below or via this anonymous form and you could be featured in an upcoming BuzzFeed Community post.