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25 Terrifyingly Bizarre Photos Of People's Real-Life Homes That Have Big "Don't Go In There" Energy

"Thank God I can't afford a house! I am safe."

1. "These scratches on the inside of the door to my basement. It’s an old house too."

door covered in deep scratch marks

2. "Mowed my yard and came back the next day to find a yellow garden spider had made a human-shaped pattern in their web."

human shaped figure in a spider's web

3. "Last night I hear a tapping and snaps. Looked at the window and..this is on the outside. Not the inside.(I am in a two story house, second floor. Under the window is a roof above the front door)."

handprint on a window screen

4. "This rusted piece of metal I found inside my malfunctioning, not-haunted kitchen faucet."

person holding a piece of metal that looks like an evil little helmet

5. "Husband and I found this 'mask' in our bedroom's closet wall about eight years ago. It had been placed in a gap in between the two walls."

smiling mask

6. "Basement entrance in a bathroom."

dark hallway descending into the basement

7. "Found this in the basement of my new house."

ankle shackle with a heavy ball attached

8. "My mom found this while raking leaves in the yard of our new house. Does anyone know what this is? We named him Geneva. Help."

creepy clown doll missing an arm and leg

9. "Small circuit board mailed to me with no return address, taped to a piece of paper with the coordinates to my house printed on it. That was the only thing in the envelope. No clue what this is or what it might be for, I definitely didn’t order it and I’m not sure why it has no return address."

small circuit board

10. "Found this behind a piece of furniture in our bathroom."

folded piece of paper covered in symbols and strange writing

11. "I came home to find a skull in my bathroom sink."

mouse skull

12. "Basement wall of a home for sale in my neighborhood. Only two families have occupied this residence since 1817."

big block letters painted on a basement wall

13. "Body-sized shallow hole/grave behind my new house. Authorities came and looked at it and said it’s 'odd, but probably nothing' but they don’t know what it is. Said not to touch it just yet and they will check their records (which they said they already did). So now I’m just waiting until they come back."

body sized dent in the ground in a backyard

14. "Pulled up the carpets in newly purchased house to find this."

pentagram carved into wood floor

15. "Just bought a house, then found this in a wall in our master bedroom bathroom."

vintage clown doll

16. "When you go into your attic for the first time and find a recently discarded snake skin."

long snake skin

17. "My apartment in Venice has this clown in their lobby that they dress/undress/reposition according to the time of day. I never saw it happen but it's right in front of our room and it gave me the creeps when I first saw it."

clown doll on a sofa

18. "There is this line in our basement our dog doesn’t want to cross and will anxiously wait at the entrance."

19. "Room in my girlfriends basement that she has never been in."

20. "Woke up this morning and noticed a very poorly patched hole drilled from the outside of my apartment building into my bedroom."

hole in the baseboard of a room

21. "First month in my new apartment, and I noticed someone wrote 'I’m watchin'' in my doorway. I never noticed it before, prob a prank. Definitely freaked me out."

22. "I peeked inside the maintenance room at my apartment complex today and I think it's time to move..."

empty room with a clown mask hanging on the wall

23. "Roots of a plant growing on the rooftop descending through the walls."

plant roots visible inside of a wall

24. "Middle of the day in my apartment. I can’t see what’s hiding at the end of the hallway."

long dark hallway

25. "I watched Slither last night and Invasion of the Body Snatchers and found this thing growing in my yard. It’s 7 inches and it’s bright orange."

weird orange tentacle growing out of the ground

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