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Tell Us About A Money Lesson You Learned The Hard Way In Your Twenties

Whoops, won't do that again.

Your twenties are a great time to figure this whole "life" thing out. Everything from friends and relationships to your work and living situation will likely look very different when your 30th bday rolls around. And you can't figure everything out without making a few mistakes along the way.

We all mess up with our money at some point, but our mistakes help us learn and grow. So I want to know, what was the biggest money mistake you made in your twenties?

Maybe you moved out on your own and managed to cover your regular monthly bills just fine, but you forgot to budget for an annual expense like registering your car. While you were getting the cash together to pay your registration, you racked up late fees and tickets, which made your registration cost soooo much more than it would have if you'd paid it on time.

Or perhaps you got into hot water with your first credit card. You got it in case of emergencies, and you ended up charging a surprise bill to your card. You kept paying the minimum due every month, and didn't understand why the debt just kept growing. Eventually, you realized the debt was costing you more than the original balance, so you finally made a plan to pay it off for good.

Or maybe you wish you had paid more attention to your student loans while you were in school. You didn't realize that you didn't have to borrow the maximum that you were offered, and you could have wound up with a lot less debt if you'd really understood what you were getting into.

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