Gen Z'ers Are Calling Out The Modern Norms And Trends That Need To End, And I Agree With A Lot Of Them

    "I met a kid at the skatepark the other day who vaped. He was 10 years old!!!"

    Recently, u/Former-Session6405 asked r/GenZ to call out the things that are normalized these days that really shouldn't be, saying, "For example, the increase of these BBLs are just crazy to me, and it’s becoming so common that natural bodies seem to be 'out of style' and that worries me for future generations."

    In response, people got brutally honest about everything from vaping to climate change. Here's what they had to say:

    The most upvoted comment in the thread criticized people for constantly recording videos on their phones, especially in situations where it could affect someone's health or safety, and when people have not given their consent to be recorded:

    A man in sleeveless top taking a recording himself with his phone in a gym

    Gen Z'ers also expressed concerns about the next generation's relationship with technology:

    A toddler with a pacifier in their mouth using a tablet in a dark room with the tablet illuminating their face

    And they called out my personal pet peeve — people playing audio on their phones in public without using headphones:

    A man with headphones on using a smartphone while on public transit

    Some Gen Z'ers worry about the ways that readily-available online porn is affecting kids:

    Three children lying on a bed looking at a tablet together

    And they are absolutely fed up with tipping culture in the US:

    A person holding a tablet with a tipping option screen, including choices of 15%, 18%, 25%, 30%, No Tip, and Custom

    Some shared that they don't think vaping should be as popular and normalized as it has become:

    A person using an electronic cigarette, exhaling vapor

    They're also frustrated by the combination of low wages and higher costs of living that mean people have to work constantly just to get by:

    A woman sitting on a  bed with a laptop and papers, looking focused, possibly working or studying late at night

    And others pointed out how harmful the polarized tone of our discourse has become:

    A person typing on a laptop in a well-lit room

    While some criticized the way social media filters and the growing availability of cosmetic procedures have led to an impossible standard of beauty:

    A person using a ring light and phone at a makeup vanity

    And Gen Z'ers say they're so over everything being offered as a subscription.

    Graphic with 'Subscribe' button and cursor icon indicating a call to action for online subscription

    Finally, many of them worry about complacency in the face of the looming climate crisis:

    Industrial smokestacks emitting plumes of smoke against a cloudy sky

    Now I'm curious: what do you think about these takes? Is there anything you would add? Let's talk about it in the comments.