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Parents Of Boys, Tell Us About Your Son's Experiences With "Manosphere" Content Like Andrew Tate

Some of the influencers who target boys and young men in particular can be frighteningly toxic.

Growing up has never been easy at any time, but I don't envy some of the struggles that kids face today. One thing that stands out to me personally is the way that online influencers can warp young people's understanding of the way life and relationships work. And some of the influencers who target boys and young men in particular can be frighteningly toxic.

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So if you have a son in this day and age, we want to hear from you about how you talk with him about this kind of content, or if you've noticed it having an effect on him.

Maybe you noticed your son starting to use new slang that felt iffy, like calling people "betas" or describing himself as "redpilled." You've been having ongoing conversations trying to get him to see that the online communities he's joined are feeding him harmful ideas, but you're really not sure how to get through to him.

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Or perhaps you overheard your son talking with a friend who expressed some misogynistic ideas, and you were really proud of the way your son responded and shut it down. You've always made it a point to educate your son about the experiences of people who are different than him, and you're so relieved that he actually listened to you.

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Or maybe you've noticed your son starting to buy into certain expectations of what "a man" should be that feel stifling. He used to love baking cookies with you, but now he thinks that's not masculine enough. As his dad, you're trying to model more openness around gender roles, and you hope he'll get the message.

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Tell us in the comments below or via this anonymous form how you're talking to your son about online misogyny, and you could be featured in an upcoming BuzzFeed Community post.