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We Want To Hear All About Your Most Romantic Low-Cost Date And Gift Ideas

Love don't cost a thing.

Way back in 1913, a company called Hallmark Cards started selling the first mass-produced Valentine's Day cards, and February 14 has only become more commercial since then.

But despite the pressure to spend money on diamonds, chocolates, and champagne, romance doesn't need to be expensive. So I want to know: What's the best free or low-cost way your partner showed you how much they care?

Maybe your S.O. surprised you with a romantic homemade meal in your backyard. A few strands of twinkle lights and the perfect soundtrack turned your space into a fantasy land, and their top-knotch cooking made you positively swoon.

Or perhaps your partner completely delighted you with a heartfelt gift, like a scrapbook of photos and keepsakes from your relationship. You loved looking through all the old photos, and you were so touched to learn that they saved everything from the ticket stubs at your first movie date to that cool leaf you found in the park.

Or maybe your Valentine gave you a handmade treasure, like a knitted scarf in your favorite color. You loved that they took the time to create something special just for you, and you still get compliments every time you wear it.

Tell us about your favorite free or low-cost romantic idea in the comments below, and you could be featured in an upcoming BuzzFeed Community post.