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    If You've Used Buy Now Pay Later And Regretted It, Tell Us What Happened

    It seems so easy, but buy now pay later has some serious hidden drawbacks.

    You can click "buy now pay later" on just about anything these days, from everyday items like groceries to big ticket buys like new furniture. But those four "easy" payments can come at a big cost if you miss one, and more and more people are running into trouble with overspending while using these services.

    buy now pay later option on a woman's smartphone screen

    So if you've used a buy now pay later service and it didn't go as planned, we want to hear from you.

    Maybe you used buy now pay later to finance a big ticket item like a new laptop for school because you didn't have the cash immediately on hand. You were able to make the first few payments, but when an emergency car repair wiped out your budget, you ended up missing the next payments. Then, you got charged a penalty fee and have to pay interest on the remainder of your balance.

    stressed out college student

    Or perhaps you started using buy now pay later on random little purchases throughout the month. Breaking things down into smaller payments made you feel like you were spending less while shopping more, but that feeling was just an illusion. You ended up way overspending on a ton of stuff that you don't need or even really like.

    stressed out woman looking at her credit cards

    Or maybe with prices going up on just about everything, you've started using buy now pay later to help spread out the cost of groceries. At first, it gave you some relief, but now as the payments keep coming due, you're more stressed out than before trying to keep track of when the next bill will hit your account.

    shocked woman looking at her grocery receipt

    Tell us about your buy now pay later experiences in the comments below or via this anonymous form, and you could be featured in a BuzzFeed Community post.