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    10 More Crazy Episodes From Little House On The Prairie

    For what was supposed to be a family-friendly show, Little House on the Prairie had some insane, traumatizing episodes. Here are 10 more of the most bizarre moments from the series!

    1. Laura Adopts a Possibly Rabid Racoon

    2. Nellie Pretends to Be Paralyzed

    3. Laura Believes Nels Decapitated Harriet

    4. Laura is Kidnapped by a Grieving Mother

    5. Carrie Has a Fever Dream, Conjures a Twin, and Visits Heaven

    6. Adam is Cured of Blindness

    7. Nels is Kidnapped and Becomes an Outlaw When Harriet Refuses to Pay the Ransom

    8. Laura Teaches Sign Language to a Feral Child

    9. Out of Nowhere, Albert Develops a Morphine Addiction

    10. They Blow Up the Town