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The 7 Types Of Customers Retail Workers Hate

We know who you are.

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Let's be real, retail workers don't make enough money to deal with some of the stuff that they put up with on a daily basis. Here are the seven types of customers that retail workers hate the most, from disliked to most hated.

7. The Personal Information Bodyguard

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This is the person who suddenly gets really secretive and protective of their personal information when asked during checkout. A nice conversation quickly turns to accusatory glares and quick, angry answers to any question you pose. According to this customer, their email address is now the answer to life, the universe, and everything, and you are now an existentialist on a quest for truth.

6. The Impatient Patron / Via

This is the person who taps their feet through the sales pitch that you are required to give. They couldn't possibly spare another thirty seconds to hear about the store branded credit card before turning you down. Never mind that you don't want to tell them about it either. Chances are high that they will loudly and aggressively interrupt you in the middle of a sentence. Chances are also high that this person has never worked in retail before.

5. Captain Mess

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Is your store too clean? Do you have that annoying problem where you know how to locate all of the merchandise in your store? Never fear, Captain Mess is here! This is the customer who takes apart every display, goes on a mission to touch every item in the store, and randomly stashes items in departments that are blatantly wrong. It's like it's their personal mission to give you a headache when you are looking for a specific piece of merchandise for another customer. Doesn't everyone love this superhero? I know I do!

4. The Discount Devotee / Via

This customer is a frequent customer in the store. They always purchase merchandise when they come into the store, but they always do something else too: ask for a damage discount. It doesn't matter if something is in perfect, just off of the truck condition. they will stand around inspecting the item for as long as it takes to find some imperfection with which to request a damaged merchandise discount.

3. The Unmindful Parent

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This is the parent that brings their spawn of satan with them, and then unleashes them upon the entire store while they shop. They're shopping for flatware? Their little heathen can be found rampaging in the fragrance section. They're looking at bookshelves? The loose barbarian can be found building forts out of ottomans in the furniture section. Even better is when you get treated like a personal assistant and free daycare. Yay! I always wanted to not get paid to follow your kid around and make sure they don't break something or get snot everywhere!

2. The Time-less Time Lord / Via

No, this person does not fly around in a little blue box. They're a lord of a different time - my time sheet. The time-less time lord seems to always be oblivious to the time. They walk in 10 minutes before close, and "browse" for another 40. Not only are they oblivious of the time, they are also unfamiliar with subtle ways of saying buy something or GTFO. Making a show of sweeping the floor near them? "Oh how nice, it's lovely how the employees are keeping the store clean!". Bringing in merchandise from the displays right in front of the store? They don't notice. They've got nothing but time, and apparently, so do you.

1. The Bad Mannered Clientele / Via

These are the people who appear to have been raised in a barn. They don't respond to pleasantries, order you around like a slave, and treat you as if you are beneath them. They're always "in a hurry", and need to pull you away from other customers on a whim. Simply put, they wouldn't know the definition of manners if it was tattooed on their forehead.

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