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5 Reasons To Use Self Storage

Self storage can be a great way to make room at home or even create a whole new space. Maybe you are going through some changes and need a temporary place for your things? Here are 5 times that self storage could be just what you are looking for.

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Reason #1 - Moving House

It’s not just that time between moving house where self storage comes in handy – although it’s definitely great for the period of waiting to get into your new home. It’s also great for de-cluttering the house to make it look its best to potential buyers.

Reason #2 - Online Business

If you have an online business which you operate out of your home, there may not be room for all your products. Self storage is a great place to keep extra stock until it’s time to send it out to customers. All storage centres offer insurance for stock and the value can be increased or decreased to suit your requirements.

So, whether it’s for personal or business use, short or long term, there’s lots of ways self storage can be the answer to your space needs.

Reason #3 - Keeping Those Valuable Records Safe

Whether paper kind or the vinyl kind, self storage is great for records. You can rent a purpose-built unit to suit your needs, giving you access and security at all times. And Upmarket Storage Centres can even offer you an on-site shredding service for your documents.

Reason #4 - Moving out of the Garage

When there’s no room at home for you hobbies, storage can be an ideal solution to solve the problem. Whether it's your jet ski, motorbike, sports car, golf clubs, bicycle or even your canoe, you can be comfortable in the knowledge that your toys are safe, secure and accessible 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

Reason #5 - Taking a Trip of a Lifetime

You are finally going on that trip around the world you always dreamed of. It’s a great way to experience other cultures and see some amazing sights. But instead of selling everything and having to buy it all again when you get home, put it into storage where it will be safe and waiting to give you a warm, familiar welcome when you come back.

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