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    2018 Female Founded Gift Guide

    We’ve rounded up our favourite female founded brands. Check out our list of curated brands founded by women for this holiday season! Spoiler alert, you’ll probably want everything. Hopefully, some of them will even have Black Friday sales *wink.* Now, excuse us while we simultaneously support female founders and make our Christmas wishlists!!!

    1. Blume

    Blume / Via

    Sisters Taran and Bunny Ghatrora founded the self care line Blume because they were shocked to hear that there are no federal regulations to disclose potentially harmful chemicals in pads and tampons. The brand now sells a range of skincare products, including Daydreamer & Meltdown. When you purchase the two products together, you get a free jade roller! Just use the code GLOWYSKIN at checkout.

    2. Samara

    Samara Bags / Via

    SAMARA designs bags and wallets that are 100% cruelty-free, with the minimalist in mind, using the highest quality materials with the least amount of environmental impact. Founded a year ago, SAMARA’s goal is to be a cruelty-free fashion house that stands to create impact with every purchase. We’re swooning at these!


    Mejuri / Via

    Mejuri believes luxury should accessible, fun and part of your everyday! They make beautiful minimalist jewelry, at a fraction of the price! Stocking stuffers, anyone?

    4. Girlfriend Collective

    Girlfriend / Via

    Girlfriend Collective creates ethically made activewear from recycled materials so you can do good without breaking a sweat.

    Their LITE Leggings are made from recycled fishing nets, which currently make up about 46% of the Pacific Garbage Patch. They have 3 lengths and 6 colors and they run XXS-XXXL. They're super lightweight, flexible, and comfy! Obsessed.

    5. Dormify

    Dormify / Via

    Dormify redefines stylish dorm and apartment decor by simplifying the shopping experience for college students and post-grads. Fun fact: Dormify was founded by Amanda Zuckerman and her mom Karen in 2012!

    Channel your inner emoji with this heart eye sleeping mask, perfect for blocking out the sun’s rays, and for being super instagrammable.

    6. 6 Shore Road

    6 Shore Road / Via

    6 Shore Road is a swim and resort wear brand that embodies beach-to-bar sensibilities while focusing on fit and functionality. Founder and designer, Pooja Kharbanda, creates each collection with an artistic, detail-oriented eye and an intimate design process — working closely with local factories to ensure top-quality results.

    Born in India, Pooja grew up in Hong Kong and Panama before moving to New York City, where she currently resides. A great gift for a friend that’s heading somewhere hot for the holidays!

    7. Knock Knock

    Jason Ware / Via

    Honesty really is the best policy—and it’s also extremely amusing. Inner-Truth® Journals are a hit with skeptics, optimists, and everyone in-between. With spirited prompts and uplifting quotes from history’s greatest wits, they inspire you to tell it like it is. Available in full-size and pocket-sized versions to fit every situation!

    8. Ritual Vitamins

    Ritual / Via

    Do you always forget to take your vitamins? Ritual shows up at your doorstep every month so you never run out, and you’ll probably remember to take these in part because of their delicious minty flavour. They also disclose all of their ingredients - transparency is something we’re huge fans of! They’re also vegan, gluten-free and completely free of synthetic fillers.

    9. Luna Nectar

    Luna Nectar / Via

    Luna Nectar's mission is the Ritual Revolution: innovating 100% natural, vegan, and cruelty-free products that stand as staple alternatives to traditional, outdated, and chemical-laden skincare that can come with side effects. Since launching with their flagship product, the eco-friendly Moon Boost Lash & Brow Enhancing Serum, Luna Nectar has expanded to include formulations for skin, hair, and self-care. We need that sleep spray in our lives, too!!!

    10. Recliner

    Recliner / Via

    Rebecca Smith started RECLINER because she believes that women are underserved by the sleepwear market. Too often the afterthought to lingerie, sleepwear has lacked innovation at every level - from product to shopping experience. RECLINER offers functional, affordable, delightful products to cater to the needs to 21st century women - shopping online and shopping for themselves, not their men. Comfy PJs are ALWAYS a good idea!


    Fur / Via

    This specially blended oil was created specifically for use on public hair and skin to reduce ingrown hairs and bumps. We’ve heard it’s amazing to put in your bath and even Emma Watson uses it!!

    12. Smart Sweets

    Smart Sweets / Via

    SmartSweets are gummy candies you can enjoy without worrying about overdosing on sugar or other questionable ingredients that usually linger in candy. They have only 3 grams of sugar, but still taste like your favorite gummy bears. Actually better! Limited edition pineapple and strawberry Holiday gummies are sold in the cutest Boxes perfect for gifting, or enjoying yourself, up to you. Only question is - are you team sweet or team sour?