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Brexit Is In Favour Of British Values And Prosperity

When Polish people and Polish government demonstrate hatred towards Muslims; Sadiq Khan, Mayor of London, chooses to celebrate diversity in the UK (on Sunday 26th February 2017 in the heart of London).

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London is open

The Mayor of London showed the world what Muslims are made of and above all, what the British values are. Sadiq Khan invited Londoners to watch the UK premier of The Salesman (An Iranian film which won the Academy Award for Best Foreign Language Film). Over 10,000 Londoners, including Mariella Frostrup, Lily Cole and Mike Leigh, got together to let the world know #LondonIsOpen.

Sadiq Khan's first sentence on the stage was “Trump can’t silence me…”

Haha @SadiqKhan's mic breaks. Starts working again. He retorts: 'Trump will not silence me' #LondonIsOpen…

He then invited Mike Leigh to address the crowd:

"This screening demonstrates London's indestructible strength as a beacon of tolerance, respect and diversity… To be a Londoner is a magical thing. Arrive in London from near or far, and you'll find yourself a member of family before you can blink."

Mike Leigh called Asghar Farhadi, the well-known Iranian writer and director, "a master"; which says a lot about how influential and inspiring Iranians are.

Iranian director Asghar Farhadi might have been banned by Trump, but London is ready for the screening of…

If we go back to the example of Poland, almost everyone familiar with history knows that without the help of Iran Polish people would find it incredibly difficult to live a dignified life. However, it seems both Polish people and Polish government have forgotten this, despite the admission made by their own ambassador to Tehran.

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Some Polish people have created a lot of problems in the UK, which cost the tax payers millions!

Although the rest of world is living in 2017 and popular celebrities such as Lindsay Lohan are converting to Islam, Polish people are showing the world that Poland is a great threat to human dignity, integrity, global growth and diversity; the most important aspects of sustainable economy and business.

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In societies where people are open minded, have good cultural understanding and confidence in their identity, we see harmony and collaboration, for example, Sweden, Great Britain, Finland and Canada.

You may remember the US president issued an Executive Order to ban Iranians and 6 other Muslim countries enter the United States of America, but two Federal courts overturned the Executive Order. This is because Americans believe in dignity and inclusion too, and they stand by their principles, even if they have to oppose to their own president.

I want London to be a city where we don’t just live side-by-side, but mix and forge relationships as friends. #VisitMyMosque

As vindicated, Polish law makers and those carrying justice in Poland have prejudice and are confused; which give their police force and citizens the licence to insult any faiths and religions, and openly discriminate against other nationalities knowing that they can "legally" get away with their behaviour.

This is not good news to business investors and certainly bad news for Polish economy. Who wants to run a business where his/her capital as well as dignity is at risk? Here is a short part of what a senior Polish lawyer had to say about why Polish people are racist and have prejudice:

As it appears that the most racist and dangerous country is on our doorstep, the British government and British people are committed to show the world that the UK is the most tolerant country where people of all backgrounds are welcome and respected. Therefore, Brexit is the best way forward for the safety, sovereignty and protecting the British democracy. Because we believe there is only one race, and that is human race!

The UK offers an opportunity to everyone and anyone to be what they want to be. Whoever is willing to live the British values and respect everyone in the UK, regardless of their race, religion, colour and country of origin is welcome to the UK. This is the message that the UK government has been sending to the world for decades. That is why Sadiq Khan's campaign message is "London is Open". Once again on Saturday 26 February 2017, Sadiq Khan, on behalf of every Londoner and every British Citizen, showed the world what the UK is made of: integrity, dignity, trust and respect for one another!

What a fantastic way to overcome Islamaphobia and show the world the sociocultural, political and economical contributions made by the Iranians, Muslims, Jews and all other immigrants who live in the UK.

In London, and in fact in the UK, everyone is different but everyone is welcome! Being an immigrant is not easy but if immigrants are allowed to sail the direction of their passion and live a life free of stigmatisation, they will integrate; because they will feel part of the society. This is true diversity; this is London; this is Great Britain!

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