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If You've Faced Adversity In The Ad Industry, Please Read This Post

A new storytelling series by Mediahub wants you to know you're not alone.

It's safe to say that in the advertising industry, no one person's career path looks the same as another's. But historically, some paths have been significantly harder than others.

The "Once in a Lifetime" project storytelling series is hoping to change that.

Cofounded by BIPOC employees at Mediahub in a grassroots effort to address the lack of diversity, the "Once in a Lifetime" series shines a light on both the challenges and triumphs experienced by groups historically marginalized or underrepresented in the industry.

The hope is that by sharing these stories, the series can begin a dialogue in the advertising industry that both sparks personal growth and engenders meaningful cultural shifts.

Image of virtual call with Mediahub team members

Like this essay by digital planner Raquel Wilbun, who went from timid Tennessean to fierce advocate for diverse representation and better management in advertising.

Image of Raquel Wilbun, an author in Mediahub's "Once in a Lifetime" series

Or this one by SEO supervisor Sanna Chen, a first-generation college graduate who had to carve out her own community at work where none existed.

Image of Sanna Chen, an author for Mediahub's "Once in a Lifetime" series

Even if you don't work in advertising, you may recognize familiar themes from your own workplace culture or professional journey.

Image of WOC engineer

Take for example this excerpt from an essay by Irene Campbell, a thirtysomething mom who works in marketing: "Quitting was not an option for me. Taking a break was not an option for me. The reality of constantly working in survival mode was my life."

Image of Irene Campbell, an author in Mediahub's "Once in a Lifetime" series

And though its focus is on one industry, the "Once in a Lifetime" project's message is for everyone who has ever been treated unfairly — or perpetrated that treatment.

a virtual call with "Once in a Lifetime" participants

Read full stories from the "Once in a Lifetime" series, and stay tuned for more stories: Upcoming themes include mental health awareness, LGBTQ+ pride, immigrant stories, and the impact of growing up in poverty.