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16 Great Moments From "Me And Earl And The Dying Girl"

This is the post that introduces you to a great movie. See Me and Earl and the Dying Girl, now playing.

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1. When we meet Greg, our hero/narrator/popsicle enjoyer.

2. When we meet Rachel, who just found out she's sick.

3. When Greg and Rachel become actual friends, not just the mom-ordered kind.

4. When me meet Earl, Greg's "co-worker."

5. When we're introduced to the many and varied short films Greg and Earl make together.

6. Films like 2:48 PM Cowboy.

7. Or A Sockwork Orange.

8. Or Pooping Tom.

9. Or Don't Look Now, Because a Creepy-Ass Dwarf Is About to Kill You!!! Damn.

10. When the city of Pittsburgh looks more inviting than you thought it could.

11. When you realize both Nick Offerman and this sweet cat are in the film:

12. When little whimsical moments like this one happen:

13. Also this one:

14. When Jon Bernthal takes a break from killing zombies to play a badass history teacher.

15. When the stop-motion animations that illustrate Greg's thoughts are thoroughly charming.

16. And when the not-animated moments are charming too.

All images courtesy of Fox Searchlight

This is the part where you set aside time to see Me and Earl and The Dying Girl, which is now playing in theaters.