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    7 Examples Of Disgusting LulaRoe Prints

    Trigger warning: racist images. Here is a compilation of racist, offensive, and culturally appropriated prints utilized in LLR leggings. LLR is a clothing brand sold through a independent consultants (reminiscent of Tupperware parties). It has a high start up cost and is popular among white, millennial women (often mothers). Please note: I am hoping this isn't outside my lane, as I am that target audience. I've included a number of links for additional reading. For transparency, updates are being noted as they are being made.

    1. "Aztec" and "Tribal" Prints

    The ever popular leggings loosely based on a homogenized design. Read up on it.

    2. Sugar Skulls

    It's not a Halloween legging.

    3. Dreamcatchers

    I know I couldn't sleep well owning these.

    4. Headdresses

    Go on. Read up on it.

    5. Indian Elephant Block Print

    Update: Previous text indicated this was a South Asian style elephant. Text is updated for accuracy. I couldn't find much information on this specific sort of CA from google. Other South Asian fashion accessory problems are linked here.

    6. Swastika

    One of the prints was already noted by LLR, but one was not. I don't think I need to explain why this was a bad idea. Updates: The history of the swastika is complicated. It is both triggering due to the context with WWII and then also was CA for its use in WWII. Here are some different links to peruse: BBC article, CA of the Swastika, NPR Diwali article.

    7. This So-called Sock Monkey

    Google c**n caricature or g*lliw*g if you don't see the problem. And look up sock monkeys while you are at it, if you can't remember what they actually look like. Updates: (* = o) As of 16Dec2016, LLR is doing a voluntary recall of this print.

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