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How Much Of A Makeup Addict Are You?

Do you believe that makeup is the FOUNDATION of life? Does makeup make you feel POWDERful? Do you BRUSH up on your makeup skills often? Is makeup the HIGHLIGHT of your life? Do your makeup skills LIPSTICK with you? Have you got this makeup thing in the (makeup) bag? If so, you're probably a makeup addict!

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  1. How many high end products do you own?

    More than 5
  2. What's the most you've ever spent on one product?

  3. Do you watch makeup tutorials?

    Yes, I use them to learn new skills and trends
    Yes, I watch them just for fun
    I watch them sometimes because I'm fascinated by how good some people are at makeup
    Those aren't my thing
  4. What's the most complicated makeup look you can do?

    Nice eyeshadow
    Full face contour
    Winged eyeliner
  5. How much makeup do you wear on an average day?

    Full face
    Concealer, foundation, mascara, and sometimes eyeshadow and/or lipstick
    Just some concealer if I have a breakout and some mascara
  6. Do you follow any makeup accounts or beauty gurus on social media?

    I follow all my favorite brands, celebrities who are makeup goals, and beauty gurus
    I follow a makeup goals account and a few brands
    I follow one that I really love
  7. What's your go to highlighter?

    Anastasia Glow Kit or another high end highlighter, I use it all the time
    I have one Becca highlighter that I use for special occasions
    I don't own a highlighter but I'm interested in buying one
    Sharpie highlighters
  8. Someone gives you $50. What do you do?

    Save it
    Go to the nearest Sephora and spend it all
    Buy makeup with some of it and spend the rest on something else
    Consider buying some makeup but ultimately decide to buy something else
  9. Do you get compliments on your makeup?

    All the time
    I don't wear makeup

How Much Of A Makeup Addict Are You?

You got: You are the biggest makeup addict ever

People often mistake your makeup collection for Sephora. You've never gone out of the house without perfect brows. No occasion is to small for a full face. You know that people who say you wear too much makeup are the scum of this earth.

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You got: You are a moderate makeup addict

You really love makeup, but it hasn't become a full scale addiction yet. You know the right foundation for your skintone, but you still can't get the perfect cat eye every time. Keep trying, you'll get there someday.

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You got: You are a makeup beginner

You like makeup, but you are clearly a makeup newbie. That's ok! We all started there. Just do some research, test out some products, and most importantly practice! You'll have insta worthy makeup in no time!

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You got: You are the opposite of a makeup addict

Why are you even taking this quiz? You don't even like makeup! You couldn't care less about your undertones or which eyeshadow is the most pigmented. And there's nothing wrong with that! Everyone's got their thing, and who cares if makeup isn't yours?

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