13 People Who Think They’re The Ref

These self-appointed referees know the rules of the game, so why won’t anyone give them a whistle? This season, let the refs on the field make the call while you enjoy McDonald’s® new Mighty Wings®. It’s much less pressure.

1. This woman thinks she’s the ref, but no one seems to hear her calls.

Microphone not working today?

2. This guy thinks he’s the ref, but that wall of glass is making his job really difficult.

Phillip MacCallum / Getty Images

Maybe he’s just not that good on skates.

3. This woman thinks she’s the ref, and she cannot believe that man took her uniform.

Getty Images / Brian Pochmara

“Hey! That was in my locker!”

4. This guy thinks he’s the ref, but he’s being held hostage behind the stadium seats.

“Let me out! I have to ref today!”

5. These people traveled all the way from Denmark to be refs, but no one will even let them on the field.

Jonathan Ferrey / Getty Images

Ref uniforms are a little different abroad.

6. This man was the ref, but an evil impostor has taken his job.

Protect your territory.

7. This ref knows people will see her calls, so she’s okay with sitting in the stands.

Getty Images Sport / Matt Roberts

“Yeah. Yeah, right over there.”

8. This passionate ref has an emotional breakdown every time he sees a foul.

“Why break the rules?! WHY?!”

9. These refs are like a family. Like a very, very dysfunctional family.

Getty Images Sport / John Terry / M. Atkinson

“Why don’t you support me?!”

10. This tennis player is a fantastic ref because he stands closer to the line than the other refs.

“I was standing right here when it hit!”

11. Notre Dame University’s iconic “Touchdown Jesus” has been a ref for a long time, but he only makes one call.

Tim Oller / Via Flickr: timoller

He’s known for favoring the home team.

12. This ref is having a really tough week.

Getty Images / Justin K. Aller

His friends don’t understand the stress he’s under.

13. And this ref can’t believe he called in sick today.

“Offsides? OFFSIDES?!”

Think you’d make a good referee? Put your judgment skills to the test and decide who you think took McDonald’s® Mighty Wings®.


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