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16 Slightly Fancy Words For Everyday Things

Want to feel a little bit fancy? Upgrade your vocabulary with this list of words, and then chase it all with a juicy Angus Burger or premium Chicken Schnitzel Roll from the Macca’s® M-Selections® menu.

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1. Soirée

Definition: A PARTY.

2. Ozostomia

Definition: Bad breath.

3. Frisson / Via

Definition: The shudder of excitement you get when you first open a new video game, or meet your favorite celebrity, or sit down to a really awesome meal, or anything exciting.

4. Antipodal

Definition: Opposite.
roweenaweb / (CC BY-SA http://2.0) / Via Flickr: roweeena

Definition: Opposite.

5. L’esprit d’escalier (or “stairway wit”)

Definition: When you think of the perfect comeback seconds after the argument has actually ended.

6. Masticate

Definition: To chew, chomp - eat.

7. Pluvious

Paramount Pictures / Via

Definition: Rainy.

8. Dysania

Definition: The feeling of finding it hard to get out of bed in the morning.

9. Darkle

Definition: Kind of like "sparkle," but the opposite. When it becomes dark.

10. Anathema

Definition: Someone or something that you really, really dislike.

11. Quatopygia

Definition: Shaking buttocks.

12. Osculation

Definition: A kiss.

13. Graphospasm

Definition: The cramp you get in your hand from writing too much.
Jose Roco / (CC BY http://2.0) / Via Flickr: tosaytheleast

Definition: The cramp you get in your hand from writing too much.

14. Tête-à-tête

Definition: A private conversation between two people.

15. Ennui

Definition: A lack of enthusiasm; boredom.

16. Rococo

Definition: Fancy. IT'S A FANCY WORD FOR FANCY.