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Chicken McPieces® Roulette

Whether you land on Big Mac® Special Sauce, Sweet & Sour, or Spicy Buffalo — there's no losing in this game of Chicken McPieces® Roulette.


42 Chicken McPieces®

3 packs of Big Mac® Special Sauce

3 packs of Spicy Buffalo Sauce

3 packs of Sweet & Sour Sauce

3 packs of Sweet Mustard Sauce

3 packs of Aioli Sauce

3 packs of Ketchup Sauce

3 packs of Spicy Shaker Seasoning


1 lazy susan

1 medium sized bowl

12 ramekins

6 coloured arrows

1 stick of tack


STEP 1: To set up the Chicken McPieces® Roulette, add the Chicken McPieces® into a medium sized bowl, then set aside.

STEP 2: Divide the Big Mac® Special Sauce evenly between 2 ramekins, then repeat for the Spicy Buffalo Sauce, Sweet & Sour Sauce, Sweet Mustard Sauce and Aioli Sauce. Set aside.

STEP 3: Add the Ketchup sauce to 1 ramekin and repeat with the Spicy Shaker Seasoning. Set aside.

STEP 4: To assemble the Chicken McPieces® Roulette wheel, lay the lazy susan on a flat surface, then add the bowl of Chicken McPieces® in the centre.

STEP 5: Add tack on the base of each ramekin, then place on the lazy susan in a random order, surrounding the bowl. Be sure to press the ramekins down so they stick to the surface and make sure they are touching side by side so there are no gaps.

STEP 6: Set up the game by laying coloured arrows on the bench top so they face inwards to the sauce.

STEP 7: Spin the wheel and dunk the Chicken McPieces® in the sauce your arrow lands on.

STEP 8: Enjoy!