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9 Amazing Reasons To Adopt A Shelter Dog

Shelter dogs are the Rhett Butlers of the dog world. They have been there, seen things and will make your life immeasurably better. H/T to for all the advice!

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1. Adopting a dog is cheaper than having a kid.


Also, your new friend is nice to be around when he's a puppy and nice to be around when he's a teenager, which probably isn't going to happen with your kid.

2. Shelter dogs come in all shapes and sizes!


You may think you want a bred poodle, but just wait until you encounter a beautiful mutt who wants nothing more than some love and a good home.

6. Adult dogs know what they want.


Puppies are super cute, but adopting an adult dog is like having your first mature relationship. To make sure it's not a fling, you can even foster the dog prior to adopting.

8. No breeder fees = more cute outfits!

Via Kathi Littwin

Not shelling out 3K for a dog with paperwork dating back to the Mayflower means more top hats and tuxedos for everyone!

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