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14 Things Everyone Who Grew Up In Canada Will Remember

Lots of things remind us of our Canadian childhoods: Nanaimo bars, ice rinks, devil sticks. And while you can't go back to childhood, you can taste a slice of your childhood with McCain Deep 'n Delicious cakes!

1. The Mr. Dressup opening:

2. Field trips to tap maple trees:

3. Timbits hockey:

4. Snow days:

5. Canoe trips:

6. All-dressed chips:

7. Heritage Minutes:

8. Cottage weekends:

9. The invention of the Toonie:

10. Ananas...the francophone pineapple:

11. Summer camp:

12. Polkaroo:

13. Playing soccer baseball during recess:

14. Red lines under correctly spelled words.

And of course you'll never forget eating McCain Deep 'n Delicious cakes!