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12 Kids Who Definitely Take The Cake

Some of life's best moments are those shared with adorable, hilarious kids! Celebrate those great moments in life with a McCain Deep 'n Delicious cake!

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1. This little girl who feels like all of us on a Monday morning:

2. This little man who knows it's OK to have a little fun before doing your chores:

3. This kid who reminds us that nothing is impossible:

4. This baby who just wants to go back to bed:

5. This kid who can teach us all a lesson about perseverance:

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6. This little boy who isn't ashamed to listen to boy bands in public:

7. This little guy who knows what love really is:

8. This girl who doesn't have time for nonsense:

9. This baby who just remembered there's a long weekend coming up:

10. This guy who gives us an excuse to waste time on weird hobbies:

11. This tyke who is all of us at 5 o'clock:

12. And this little boy who is trying to "take the cake" — literally:

Treat the awesome kids in your life to a McCain Deep 'n Delicious cake.

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