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18 Emotional Stages You Experience Before Breakfast

The world is a scary place before you've had breakfast. It's even scarier before you've had your coffee. Save yourself the roller coaster of emotions — drop by McDonald's this morning for a delicious Egg McMuffin® and a hot McCafé® Coffee.

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It starts as soon as you wake up...

1. "I can't get up until I eat, but I can't eat until I get up... auuuguhhhh."

2. "No, come on. Pull yourself together. You can do this."

3. "I had a bunch of food before bed, so I should be totally fine to get to work..."

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4. "...I can't make it to work. I just can't. I'll have to call in and quit."

But once you're out of bed, it's all downhill from there:

5. "I'll just have some cereal it's fine oh NO THE MILK IS EXPIRED."

6. "WHHHHYYYY?!?!?"

7. "You should have prepared something last night. Fool."

8. "Maybe I can live without food. Maybe I'm the next evolution of human..."

9. "...I'm not."

10. "Should I cook? I should cook."

11. "Lol, I can't cook."

12. "It's totally cool, I can make it through with coffee."


14. "Everything hurts. Even my soul hurts."

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15. "Not long now. Just have to hold out. Feeling faint."

16. "Everything. Looks. So. Delicious."

17. "Please don't talk to me before I've had my coffee. No, seriously."

18. And finally:

Mornings can be hard without breakfast.

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That’s why McDonald’s has you covered every morning with hot McCafé® Coffee and delicious Egg McMuffin® sandwiches.