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This Sweet Dog Became A Mom To A Litter Of Orphaned Opossums

Awesome opossum mama.

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Animal trainer Stephanie Maldonado wrote on Facebook that a litter of baby opossums were orphaned in Brazil on Jan. 16 after her uncle's dog attacked and killed their mother.

Opossums are marsupials and their babies live in their pouches for the first 70 to 125 days of their life, enjoying the extra warmth from when they are young.

Stephanie Maldonado Adestramento de Cães / Via

Although it was not clear how old the babies were when they lost their mother, Maldonado was concerned the little opossums wouldn't be able to survive without a mother's warm pouch to sleep inside.


Pretinha helped care for the baby opossums all through the night, licking them for extra warmth...

Facebook: video.php

The dog was able to do everything for the baby opossums, except nurse them, which Maldonado did by hand with special milk.

She said at first she had to feed the opossums milk every 2 hours and then eventually only every 3 hours. Now, they are eating solid food, such as berries.

Together the unique family goes on walks in the sun:

Facebook: video.php