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    Posted on Oct 24, 2016

    Every Year Ryan Lochte's Dog Turns 8-Years-Old Again

    This dog never ages.

    Sunday was the birthday of Carter, the dog of infamous swimmer Ryan Lochte, who falsely told the world he was robbed at gunpoint while in Brazil for the Olympics and shortly afterwards was cast in Dancing With the Stars.

    Ethan Miller / Getty Images
    Ryan Lochte

    The last few years, on Oct. 23 Ryan Lochte has sent out a tweet to celebrate his cutie Carter's birthday... The only thing is that this pooch never seems to age.

    Here's Carter in 2014 wearing a party hat, eating cake, and turning 8 years old.

    In this tweet from 2015, Carter is pictured as a puppy (on the left) in 2007 when he was born, "8 years ago to this day."

    And this year, Twitter user Gráinne pointed out that Carter was turning 8 again.

    Lochte appears to have deleted this year's initial birthday tweet, and now he says Carter is 9 years old.

    Some people thought the original tweet might have been photoshopped, but Gráinne denied this was a possibility in a follow-up tweet.

    Whatever your true age, Carter, we hope you have a very puppy birthday and get to eat all the treats you want.

    Ryan Lochte / Via

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