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    20 Ridiculously Cute Surfing Dogs That You Need To Look At Now

    Dogs on surfboards, what could be better?

    1. Thousands of spectators came to cheer on the pups participating in Petco's Surf Dog competition in San Diego.

    2. There were 50 dogs who competed in the surf contest.

    3. The dog's nervously prepped on the beach, before catching waves and sometimes wiping out!

    4. But they were all having doggone fun!







    11. Here is Mr. Tuff prepping for the competition...

    12. Mr. Tuff went on to win third place in the small dogs competition!

    13. Ziggy stole the small dog show and won first place!

    14. Abbie Girl won second place in the medium dogs race!

    15. But Richocet surfed the best ride to win first place for medium dogs:

    16. Turbo won second place for big dogs!

    17. Here Hanzo, a boxer, sets up for a big wave:

    18. And Hanzo caught a perfect wave to win first place in the large dog competition!

    19. Some pups needed a little help...

    20. But they were all big winners in the end!