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    30 Moments From Hawaii's First Day Of Marriage Equality That Prove It Really Is The Aloha State

    Monday at midnight the first same-sex couples married at the Sheraton Waikiki in Hawaii as it became the 15th state in the U.S. to legalize same-sex marriage.

    1. When midnight struck and everyone toasted to marriage equality.

    2. When singer Starr Kalahiki performed with pianist John Signor.

    3. When Hawaiian community and culture expert Hinaleimoana Wong-Kalu took the stage.

    4. And then performed the stunning opening oli.

    5. When the six officiants for the first set of same-sex couples getting married took the stage and smiled.

    6. When the first six couples were happily married at the same time.

    7. Some cried.

    8. And many smiled.

    9. Then they cut cake together.

    10. When they toasted each other.

    11. And toasted altogether.

    12. When the newly weds fed each other cake.

    Shawna P. Okami and Richard J. Rosehill have been together 32 years.

    13. When more couples were married. Just look at that smile.

    14. When this couple put rings on each other's fingers.

    15. When this couple exchanged vows.

    16. When this couple married.

    17. And then hugged.

    18. And hugged more.

    19. When this couple posed.

    20. And this couple posed.

    21. When this couple walked down the aisle.

    22. When this lady blew bubbles...

    23. When they were pronounced wife and wife.

    24. When they kissed.

    25. And when they were given their marriage license.

    26. When this couple exchanged rings.

    27. When this cake got destroyed.

    28. When this couple married with this smile.

    29. And then exchanged this hug.

    30. And when this couple hugged in front of the Christmas tree.