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    20 Heartwarming Pictures Of A Lion, Tiger, And Bear Who Love Each Other Despite Their Differences

    Lions, tigers, and bears! Oh my!

    1. Baloo the American Black Bear, Leo the African Lion, and Shere Khan the Bengal Tiger were all born in early 2001.

    2. During a drug raid in Atlanta, the three were discovered severely malnourished and frightened.

    Leo the lion had an infected wound on his nose from being cruelly confined to a small crate.

    3. Georgia Department of Natural Resources brought the animals to Noah's Ark and they slowly regained their health.

    4. With room to stretch, Leo's wound healed and his health improved.

    5. Leo is a very stoic lion and enjoys napping on the porch of the clubhouse.

    6. Although Leo seems lazy, he is know to turn into a different cat during enrichment time and is always the first to explore a new scent.

    7. Shere Khan is the lowest in the family hierarchy and the most mischievous.

    8. He is always trying to pounce on Baloo and Leo.

    9. Shere Khan also seeks out affection throughout the day, rubbing heads with his brothers and strengthening their bond.

    10. Here's Baloo getting a "cat headbutt"

    11. Baloo was in the worst condition of the three rescued, with a harness that was never loosened as he grew in size. In the end, the harness had to be surgically removed because it was digging into his skin so deeply.

    12. Baloo's surgery was the first time the three cubs had ever been separated.

    13. Shere Khan and Leo became agitated during Baloo's surgery, pacing and crying for their lost brother.

    14. After his surgery, Baloo was returned to his brothers and the three have been together ever since.

    15. The three eagerly waiting for dinner!

    16. Baloo, Leo, and Shere Khan play together.

    17. Just hanging out!

    18. Bear kisses!

    19. The three do everything together!

    20. They are bonded together forever by their early experiences despite their obvious differences.