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    Adorable Red Panda Cubs Make Public Debut At Chicago Zoo

    The adorable brother and sister duo were not camera shy when they made their first public appearance at the Lincoln Park Zoo.

    Two red panda siblings made their public debut on Thursday at the Lincoln Park Zoo in Chicago. They're the zoo's first ever red panda cubs.

    Lincoln Park Zoo / Via Facebook: lincolnparkzoo

    Addison, a girl cub, and Clark, her brother, were born on June 26.

    The baby animals were named in honor of the Chicago Cubs, who play at Wrigley Field, which is located at the intersection of Addison and Clark streets.

    Lincoln Park Zoo / Via Facebook: lincolnparkzoo

    The siblings' parents came to the zoo in February. A 3-year-old male, named Phoenix, and 5-year-old Leafa were quickly interested in each other.



    Leafa has been raising her cubs in a secluded den for the past four months, since red pandas are known to be shy when they're young.


    On Thursday, the cubs took their first venture into their new habitat, called the Kovler Lion House, and they certainly weren't timid anymore.

    Lincoln Park Zoo / Via

    The cubs were eager to explore, along with the help of their mom, even kissing the camera at one point.

    Lincoln Park Zoo / Via

    "The red panda cubs continue to grow in size but also in how vocal they are, their activity level and curiosity levels," curator of mammals Mark Kamhout said.

    Red pandas are native to the Himalayan mountain ranges of China, Nepal, India, Burma, and Bhutan. They are skilled climbers, moving among treetops to eat bamboo shoots and leaves.

    Red pandas are considered a vulnerable species by the International Union for Conservation of Nature due to poaching and habitat loss.

    Watch their public debut here:

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