21 Life-Size Edible Objects Made Out Of Chocolate

A guitar that is also a delish chocolate cake. Baby heads made out of white chocolate. A life-size chocolate horse with chocolate sprinkles on top. Some of these chocolate sculptures sound tasty, while others sound a way too creepy.

1. Life-size chocolate cake guitar!

2. Life-size white chocolate baby heads.

Buy these edible baby heads here, if you’re into that sorta thing.

3. Life-size chocolate horse topped with sprinkles.

Seen in Maynardland, Tennessee.

4. Comfy chocolate cake daybed!

A life-size replica of a Mies van der Rohe Barcelona couch, but as a chocolate cake.


Spotted at a food art event at Haunch of Venison in NYC.

5. West Highland white terrier made out of chocolate.


6. Chocolate skating rink!

Who hasn’t dreamed of skating on chocolate? Find this rink in Canela, Brazil.

7. Chocolate high heels.

For the lady who is shoe and chocolate obsessed. Buy these sweet heels here.

8. Dark chocolate keyboard!

This would make work a little more fun. Unfortunately, this is just a concept and has not been made yet.

9. Life-size chocolate moose that weighs over 1,700 lbs.

In Scarborough, Maine.

10. Chocolate car!

Food sculpting duo Jim Victor and Marie Pelton created a life-size chocolate replica of the this M&M’s car.

Vroom, vroom.

The pair has also made a number of impressive butter-based projects, which you can check out here.

11. Thirteen-foot chocolate Lady Liberty.

Created using 2.5 tons of chocolate in Paris in 1986.

12. Dark and white chocolate chess.

13. Chocolate soccer ball.

Probably not for kicking.

14. Chocolate champagne?

Get ‘em here.

15. Chocolate bull!

Spotted at the Calgary Airport.

16. Life-size chocolate skull!

For the morbid chocolate lover. You can get ‘em in bone, dark, or white chocolate.

18. Chocolate Ferrari.

19. Chocolate gorilla.

Made by chocolate sculptor Patrick Roger.

20. Milk chocolate handgun.

Find more at Chocolate Weapons.

21. Edible chocolate brains created from an MRI scan.

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