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20 Dogs Who Do Incredible Work For Humans

This is why we call 'em man's best friend.

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2. Meet Flo and Lucky who are trained to find counterfeit DVDs.

Chip Somodevilla / Getty Images

The Motion Picture Association of America employed Flo and Lucky to sniff out discs made of polycarbonate, so the dogs could locate pirated discs in Malaysia.


This statue was created to recognize the incredible contributions of all arson dogs.

Flickr: statefarm

Here is the Kansas State Fire Marshal Investigator Rose Rozmiarek and Tana with Austin Weishel, an artist and Colorado firefighter, who designed the bronze statue.


9. Meet Spike, who is a metropolitan specialist dog.

Sang Tan / Getty Images

Spike is on her way to sniff luggage before the London 2012 Olympic Games at Victoria Coach Station.

14. This is Saturn, who is protecting a herd of piglets.

Flickr: sugarmtnfarm

Saturn is livestock guardian dog (LGD). Unlike herding dogs, LGDs stay with the animals they protect, blending in as a full-time member of the group and watching for predators from within.

15. This is Rusty, who is an autism service dog.

Flickr: mnicolem

Autism service dogs are trained similarly to other service dogs, and help their owners gain independence and confidence to perform everyday activities.

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