31 Things Every Young Parent Should Be Doing With Their Money Right Now

    If you're starting a family, these are the financial moves you should be making.

    1. If your employer offers a 401(k) match, say yes to free money!

    2. Automate your savings.

    3. Buy term life insurance.

    4. Avoid whole life insurance.

    5. Give yourself blow money.

    6. Use credit card rewards to travel for free.

    7. Avoid credit card debt.

    8. Start investing now, even if you stink.

    9. For long-term goals, invest heavily in the stock market.

    10. Keep investing simple by using index funds.

    11. Don't worry when the stock market falls.

    12. Contribute to a Roth IRA.

    13. Get long-term disability insurance.

    14. Open a health savings account.

    15. Open a Coverdell ESA.

    16. Start a 529 plan.

    17. Make yourself indispensable at work.

    18. Start a side hustle.

    19. Negotiate your cable bill.

    20. Pay down your highest-interest debt first.

    21. Apply for income-driven student loan repayment plans.

    22. Use the library.

    23. Find a cheaper cell phone plan.

    24. Get wills in place.

    25. Talk money with your honey.

    26. Build an emergency fund.

    27. When you buy that minivan, use email to negotiate like a pro.

    28. Make irregular expenses regular.

    29. Double-check your health insurance options.

    30. Up your liability insurance.

    31. Don't assume you should buy a house.