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    13 Things You May Experience As An LGBTQ+ Person On Valentine’s Day

    “Did you mean to order a double bed?”

    1. Going to a romantic restaurant and feeling eyes on you and your boo. / Via

    You can see fellow diners trying to work it out. “Are they friends, family or partners?” We are tired of your nosiness, is what we are.

    2. People asking you stupid questions.

    Walt Disney Pictures / Via

    They usually go like this: “so, who treats who?” “who pays for dinner?” “who buys the flowers?”

    3. People asking if you are siblings – even when you look nothing alike and are obviously on a date.

    Craig Barritt / Getty Images

    In their minds, anything is possible – except being a same-sex couple.

    4. Having to think twice about that romantic Valentine's getaway. / Via

    We all know that dreaded feeling of googling a destination to check if it is LGBTQ+ friendly and being disappointed by the results. But that research is a super important part of the holiday planning when homosexuality remains a crime in some countries, and still feels unsafe in many others.

    5. Booking a double bed at a romantic hotel and being put in twin beds on arrival.

    Bravo TV / Via

    Are you really going to make this more awkward by making me ask to change back to the double bed I initially requested? Because I will.

    6. Having to celebrate Valentine's Day in secret, because you're not ready to ‘come out’ yet.

    Kezzoh / Columbia Pictures / Via

    It can be tough when you want to yell about your love from the rooftops, but you know it would cause rifts in your personal life that you aren’t ready to take on – nor should you have to. Take your time and do whatever feels right to you.

    7. Telling your family a white lie about what you're really doing, because they don't know about your partner yet.

    Fox / Hulu / Via

    Telling your folks that you are hanging out with a girlfriend on Valentine’s isn’t really a lie, is it?

    8. Celebrating LGBTQ+ history month AND Valentine’s Day in February.

    Instagram: @beyonce / Via

    Valentine's should really belong to us, huns.

    9. If you're single, spending the day wondering if your crush is queer or not.

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    And spending the day creeping on their Instagram page for clues.

    10. Not having enough LGBTQ+ visibility on Valentine's Day...

    Getty Images / iStock / BuzzFeed

    Looking forward to the day when LGBTQ+ love is not just an afterthought among an abundance of 'his and hers' products available.

    11. So the struggle to find a Valentine's card is real.

    Mikala Monsoon / Via

    Having to make your own cards because nothing out there represents the love you have is a time-consuming pain, and we should not have to deal with it in 2020. Thankfully, our options are slowly but surely getting better.

    12. Second-guessing public displays of affection. / Via

    Depending on where you are, kissing your partner in public can feel like a radical act. That reality feels even more annoying on Valentine’s Day when you just at least want the option to be as cringingly soppy as straight couples are encouraged to be.

    13. But even if LGBTQ+ love isn't always acknowledged by the masses on Valentine's Day, we are lucky to have a supportive, vibrant community.