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The Only "Maze Runner" Series Recap You'll Need To Read

Get caught up before the epic conclusion, Maze Runner: The Death Cure, hits cinemas 18 Jan. (Warning: Spoilers for the first two movies ahead!)

1. The Maze Runner series is about a group of boys who are trapped in an area known as the Glade, surrounded by a menacing Maze which is seemingly the only way out.

2. Each month, a new boy is sent to the Glade with supplies by a mysterious entity known only as WCKD.

3. Thomas defies the rules by entering the Maze to help rescue the group's leader, Alby, even though Thomas wasn't a designated Runner.

4. Everything changes when Teresa, the first-ever girl, is sent into the Glade.

5. Thomas then remembers what WCKD is (it stands for World in Catastrophe: Killzone Department), uncovering that they're all test subjects for the organization and being experimented on.

6. They hatch a plan to escape the Maze...which they do!

7. This is where they learn the planet has been hit with a solar flare that has wiped out nearly all civilisation, and an incurable virus known as the Flare has been affecting survivors since.

8. BUT TWIST! It was all a setup. Paige is in fact still alive. They don't know!

9. At first, WCKD claims to be the good guys, saying they're there to help. But big old nope!

10. And a cure is so important to WCKD...not to mention the survival of the human race.

11. In the second film, Maze Runner: The Scorch Trials, Thomas finds out the truth and decides to lead his friends and crew on a mission to break out of WCKD's complex...

12. ...and they finally make it out into the real world, now known as the Scorch. Here, they try to find the Right Arm, a rebel group fighting against WCKD.

13. The remaining Gladers finally meet with the Right Arm thanks to Jorge, a member they meet in the Scorch.

14. However, Ava Paige shows up too! She and WCKD invade the Right Arm's camp, and a battle ensues...

15. ...all thanks to Teresa, who has betrayed the Gladers by giving up their location, as she's been working with WCKD this whole time.

16. Thomas and the survivors from the Right Arm and remaining Gladers hatch a plan to infiltrate WCKD, save their friends, and find a cure.

Got a spare 90 seconds? Check out this cool recap from the the stars themselves, and don't miss Maze Runner: The Death Cure in cinemas 18 Jan.

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