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15 Reasons Why Driving Is The Best

The open road! Breathe it in. Driving is relaxing, convenient - and when you ride in style with a new Mazda3 - it's a total #gamechanger.

1. Because you can just go...anywhere.


The possibilities are endless.

2. Because you have complete aural control.


Passenger doesn't like your mix CD from 2002? Too bad. He'll come around.

3. Because there's no bonding experience quite like a good road trip.

4. Because sometimes it's nice to get out of the city and hit a dirt road.

5. Because if you learn how to drive a manual, you're 27% cooler than you were before.

6. Because maps are for old-timers. They've got GPS in cars, now!

7. Because this feeling.


8. Because you get to completely ignore annoying texts you receive while driving.


You're not looking at your phone, that would be unsafe! Sorry, Will.

9. You can listen to podcasts and become an educated, cultured, classy person.

10. Because there are so many roads, like this one, for you to explore.


Dem mountains.

11. Because you can sing along to Top 40 at the top of your lungs and no one will be the wiser.

12. Because YOU decide the temperature.


Not Mother Earth! Get out of here, Mother Earth!

13. Because this is what comes out of a bus seat after a few years of use.



14. Because you'll always have a buddy who's more than happy to keep you company.

15. Because there's nothing better than driving off into the sunset.


Right? Driving is the best. Behold - the Mazda3. Total game changer.

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