15 Innovative Products That Are Total Game Changers

This changes everything. Behold! These things exist to make the world more awesome, and your life much easier.

1. The Broom Groomer

So simple, yet so effective. Get that junk offa there.

2. Handrail Grill

If you think that your tiny apartment is going to stand in the way of a good smoked meat, you’re wrong. This thing fits the tiniest of balconies.

3. One Trip Grip

Do you feel like a failure when you don’t carry all the groceries inside in one trip? Of course you do. Everyone does. Well, this thing will make things easier.

4. Forkchops!

For those moments when you just don’t have the patience to eat fried rice with two sticks - but you still want the option.

5. Doorbot

A camera hooked up to your phone, activated by your doorbell. You can be anywhere in the world, and your phone will tell you who’s knockin’ on your door.

6. Solar-Powered Patio Table

You’re sitting in the sun anyway, why not harness some of its power to charge your electronics?

7. The Shake Tote

You know the old saying - “Bring a bag to the beach, sand will live there forever.” But this bag opens flat so you can shake it out before heading home. Complete game changer.

8. The Dipr

No one should ever have to deal with the heartbreak associated with losing a cookie in milk. Innovation.

9. The Pet Sweep

If your dog isn’t pulling his weight around the house, put him to work.

10. Thumb Thing Pageholder

Probably the simplest device ever conceived. But for those of you who are still reading non-electronic books, this should make things easier.


It’s a seat, and a surface. It’s a seat, and it’s a surface.

12. Breakfast Sandwich Maker

Can’t even, with this. Why does this not come standard in every kitchen? This is the new fridge, guys.

13. Chalktrail

Maybe you want to make art. Maybe you want to write a message to the aliens. Maybe you’re just really bad at finding your way home.

14. Grill Clips

Never lose a rogue asparagus through the grill cracks again.


Ok, fine. Maybe this one isn’t changing any games. BUT GUYS.

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